A surprising variety of materials are available for bathroom floor tiles. For good reason, ceramic and porcelain tiles are frequently the first that come to mind: They’re arguably the most practical options available. But today, there are numerous possibilities which also include natural stone.

The most crucial considerations when choosing a flooring material are making sure that it won’t be slippery when wet and that moisture won’t seep beneath the surface and cause harm. The final decision usually involves striking a balance between style and price. This guide to the best tile material for bathroom floors will help you learn about all of your alternatives, which will make choosing easier.

To assist you in making your decision, let’s briefly go over the most common tile materials and designs.

Common Materials for Bathroom Tiles in Brisbane & Sunshine Coast.

There are so many lovely tile materials available, ranging from porcelain and marble to ceramic and Venetian plaster effect wall tiles.

1. Porcelain

Porcelain is more resistant to stains and moisture infiltration than ceramic tiles because it is solid, robust, and less porous. For those chilly early-morning toilet trips, porcelain also has excellent heat retention if you’re considering underfloor radiant heating. This will help your bathroom be more energy-efficient.

Although porcelain tiles are pricey, their endurance more than makes up for their expense. These tiles are less likely to chip and are more resilient than conventional clay ceramic tiles. They work well in high traffic areas like the kitchen and bathroom floors.

Porcelain tiles provide you a lot of creative freedom. Your selections are unlimited because they are available in a huge selection of colours, finishes, sizes, and styles. Choose this material if you want to go for a classic design in your kitchen and bathroom.

2. Marble

The upscale, opulent sense of marble in your bathroom will make you feel as though you are receiving a spa treatment without having to pay for an expensive membership. Marble is an exceptionally durable stone. Polished marble tiles in small bathrooms will provide the impression of more space, although a honed or natural finish may be safer under a wet foot. Because polished marble has a low porosity, it is ideal for damp spaces like the bathroom.

This is primarily due to marble’s extreme softness. Because of its great absorption capacity, it is not the best option for floors or damp places. The good news is that you can seal them to increase their toughness.

3. Ceramic

Ceramic wall tiles provide a refined appearance. The same substance that makes up porcelain is used to make these tiles. The sole distinction is that they are more robust and less coarsely ground.

Ceramic tiles come in a variety of designs, patterns, and colours, are reasonably priced, and are strong. Glazed ceramic tiles are usually attractive since they give your Brisbane bathroom design more colour and depth. Ceramic tiles are the preferred option for many Brisbane homeowners on a tight budget for bathroom renovations because of its versatility and cost.

4. Limestone

Want your bathroom to have a smooth, natural look? You can choose flooring made of limestone. But keep in mind that limestone tiles are very porous.

They must be very well sealed if they are to be used in a restroom. Work with experts who install bathroom tiles in Brisbane because of this. The necessary equipment is available for setting up limestone tiles.

While being less expensive than marble and granite, limestone has a distinctive texture and look that make these tiles the ideal match for neutral tones. Limestone tiles are an eco-friendlier choice if you want to lessen your carbon footprint when remodelling your Brisbane bathroom.

5. Slate

Slate tiles are ideal for a location with plenty of traffic. You may be confident that they’ll maintain their good looks for a very long time because they’re almost impossible to scratch. Slate is timeless in terms of design, but it does require routine maintenance. However, it can be a more expensive option to ceramic or porcelain. If you want to utilise it in high usage areas of your house, this is the greatest material option.

6. Mosaic

Both functional and aesthetically pleasing, mosaic tiles are another popular option. You will have your work cut out for you when attempting to make a decision because there is an infinite variety of colours, patterns, and materials to choose from. To break up the monotony of plain tiles or to create a feature wall for a more opulent appearance, mosaic tiles make excellent focal points. Using mosaic tiles on walls also brings significant benefits, including enhanced aesthetics, versatility, and durability.

7. Travertine

Like limestone, this stone can be timeless. Romans used travertine to build their city and it’s still there now! You do need to maintain the cleanliness of the surface, as like any natural stone made by mother nature, it is porous. If you’re not up to the maintenance side, choose a tile that gives the effect of travertine, like our Rockstone range.

8. Herringbone & Chevron

These tile designs have been popular for a long time. Although herringbone is more frequently used for timber flooring in living rooms, it is being incorporated into many bathroom tiles in Brisbane. The benefit of these tile designs is that you may customise it by experimenting with different size and colour combinations. You have a choice between using thicker rectangles or standard rectangular subway shape tile on floors or walls.

9. Geometric

In your kitchen and bathroom, you can create a powerful or subtle design depending on whether you use complementary or contrasting colours. Since there are geometric floor tiles in every design, you have a lot of creative freedom.

10. Feature Tiles

For homeowners who wish to add vitality through colours and patterns, an unique feature designer tile is the way to go. Crisp white and clear lines in bathrooms may look immaculate. Beautifully crooked tile patterns create the illusion that each tile has been put by hand, casting a shadow. They give off an air of subtle glam.

It’s important to pick the proper bathroom tiles

When renovating a bathroom in Brisbane, or the Sunshine Coast, tiles provide a crucial service by shielding the walls and floor from moisture and spillage. Tiles have a purpose, but they are also a key element in designing a beautiful area for your morning routines. Get the best tiles for your bathroom makeover by considering these options from Natural Tile – curating Sunshine Coast’s greatest selection of designer tiles since 2011.

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